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Kaiserpanorama is a stereoscopic peep show designed for multiply viewers.

Kaiserpanorama in Krakow, Poland
Kaiserpanorama in Krakow, Poland (image: Zorro2212 (CC))

It's a large wooden cylinder with row of stereoscopic eyepieces and seats around its perimeter. Each viewer places his eyes on a pair of holes and then the magic begins! Viewers can see 3D images rotating in short intervals from viewing station to viewing station. A program of glass stereoviews is rotated by a clockwork mechanism. Stereoscopic images are illuminated by small lamps. A bell rings just as the slides are to change.

Kaiserpanorama was created around 1880 by the German showman and entrepreneur August Fuhrmann (1844-1925).

Stereoscopic photographs for display in the Kaiserpanorama

Small Kaiserpanorama

Kaiserpanorama is a precursor to film.

Kaiserpanoramas were very popular in central Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries where they grew into an wide network. At the peak it had many ad 250 filials operating in different countries.